February 19

The Dreamverse: a serious game


Inspired by the ideas of Carl Jung, Emile Durkheim and modern research in socionomics, we unveil a revolutionary platform Dreamverse that not only transcends the traditional boundaries of dream exploration but also serves as a confluence of ancient wisdom, analytical psychology, and the forefront of scientific research in dreams and consciousness. Dreamverse offers a unique vantage point into shared depths of our minds and our collective dance as species. 

A Serious Game with a Profound Purpose

We call the Dreamverse is “a serious game” that integrates a narrative rooted in myths, ancient traditions and stories, empirical knowledge of analytical psychology, augmented by the recent advancements in the science of dreams, non-ordinary states of consciousness and natural language processing technology. Just as some indigenous communities see dreams as a portal to unseen worlds and hidden wisdom, we see the Dreamverse as a window to our collective unconscious, unveiling insights that can inform and enrich our waking lives.

Leveraging our in-house semantic mapping model, we decode a multiverse of dreams by identifying common themes and symbols occurring in the dreams of our users – whom we affectionately call Seers.

Recent research lends credibility to this perspective, as modern studies have found shared themes and emotions within dream content, suggesting a collective impact of global societal dynamics. In the Dreamverse, each dream you share, each symbol you decipher, and each quest you embark on contributes to a greater understanding of the collective dream experience, pushing the boundaries of what we know and understand about the world of dreams. This is a game that is more than a game, a massive experiment that we are conducting together with you.

Join the Expedition!

We invite you to join this expedition, to chart the unexplored territories of the mind, witnessing the story of our Shared Dream unfolding in front of us.

To become part of this ever-evolving universe, to unravel the mysteries of it hides, join us today and stand with the Pioneering Seers!  


Carl Jung, collective unconscious, dreams, dreamverse, Emile Durkheim, semantic mapping, shared dreams, socionomics

Dr. Alexander Lebedev (MD PhD) is a psychiatrist, data scientist and a co-founder of Dreamseer.
With over 15 years of experience in healthcare, applied data science, combined with extensive academic research in socionomics and non-ordinary states of consciousness, he brings a unique perspective to address global mental health challenges and foster personal and societal resilience. At Dreamseer, Dr. Lebedev's vision extends beyond individual mental health to a broader societal perspective. By mapping and analysing global dream trends, we aim to raise awareness of shared experiences that unite all of us, ultimately contributing to a healthier, more connected, and empathetic world. Dr. Lebedev is dedicated to fulfilling his mission to leverage technology in the service of mental health and resilient living.

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