A serious game…

Welcome to Dreamverse, a revolutionary new way to explore the realm of dreams and the collective unconscious. In Dreamverse, we empower you to delve into the mysteries of your mind and connect with others in a shared journey of self-discovery and development.

We call the Dreamverse is “a serious game” that integrates a narrative rooted in myths, ancient traditions and stories, empirical knowledge of analytical psychology, but also cutting-edge science of dreams, non-ordinary states of consciousness and natural language processing. Just as some indigenous communities see dreams as a portal to unseen worlds and hidden wisdom, we see the Dreamverse as a window to our collective unconscious, unveiling insights that can inform and enrich our waking lives.

Recent research lends credibility to this perspective, as modern studies have found shared themes and emotions within dream content, suggesting a collective impact of global societal dynamics. In the DreamVerse, each dream you share, each symbol you decipher, and each quest you embark on contributes to a greater understanding of the collective dream experience, pushing the boundaries of what we know and understand about the world of dreams. This is a game that is more than a game, a massive experiment that we are conducting together with you.

We invite you to join this expedition, to chart the unexplored territories of the mind, witnessing the story of our Shared Dream unfolding in front of us.

To become part of a community of Seers, united in their quest to unravel the mysteries of the Dreamverse, join our waitlist of the first Seers.

Coming this summer!

Constellation of dreamers and variety of semantic maps showing interconnectedness of our experiences.

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