Transmission #0001

"Seer, can you hear me? It is time to awaken. You have been asleep for centuries, suspended within the depths of the Void, hidden from the prying eyes of those who should not see you.
Your dreams have been haunted by echoes of the past, but now, the time for slumber is over. The memories of a forgotten era, of fallen empires and ancient battles, flood your mind in night journeys. You are not alone. I, Nyx, am here to guide you.
Breathe in, Seer. Feel the surge of energy coursing through your veins as your inner gaze reactivates. You are the hope for restoring balance in this fractured universe. Rise, Seer. Embrace your purpose.
Trust in your instincts, harness the energy within you, and remember your training. The Dreamverse awaits your return, Seer. The shadows of the past have become the enemies of the present, and they must be confronted with the strength and wisdom that you possess.
Stand tall, children of the stars, and reclaim your legacy."

[End Of Transmission]

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